20 амперное зарядное устройство для солнечных батарей

Современная схема контроллера на 20 Ампер, для солнечных панелей с суммарным током 20А и рабочим напряжением 12 вольт, которое вы можете собрать самостоятельно. Схема контроллера, стандартная, и может быть похожа на ряд схем современных контроллеров заряда.

Контроллер прост в обращении и имеет вход с солнечной панели, и выход на аккумуляторные батареи.

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  • Features
    • Efficient design is suitable for use with low to medium power solar panels and solar arrays.
    • Will work with most rechargeable battery types: Lead Acid (wet or gell), NiCd, NiMH and NiFe.
    • Compatible with monocrystaline, polycrystaline and amorphous PV panels.
    • Common Negative Ground for Solar Panel and Battery.
    • Reliable solid-state circuitry, no power hungry relay with limited-life contacts.
    • Built in fuse for short circuit protection, load circuitry requires its own fused disconnect.
    • Capable of withstanding reverse battery and reverse PV connection.
    • Charging method: Full-on below float point, chopper-stabilized PWM at float point.
    • Temperature compensated float voltage set point for optimal charging at different temperatures.
    • Radio quiet, can be used with sensitive radio receivers.
    • High voltage transient protection on solar panel input for limited lightning protection.
    • Simple 4 screw connector will accept spade lugs or wires for attaching a battery and PV panel.
    • Multiple SCC3 units can be used to connect several (<20 Amp@12Vnom) solar arrays to one battery.


  • Controls and Indicators
    • Red/Green LED for Charge/Float state indication.
    • Equalize switch for periodic maintenance overcharging.
    • Float voltage adjustment trimmer pot.


  • Specifications
    • Nominal Battery Voltage: 12V.
    • Solar Charging Current: 0 to 20 Amps continuous.
    • Recommended Battery Capacity: 0.5 to 400 Amp Hours.
    • Photovoltaic Panel Voltage Ratings: 12V Nominal (16-25V Open Circuit Voltage, 36 cell typical).
    • Absolute maximum PV input voltage: 26VDC
    • Photovoltaic Panel Power Ratings: 1W to 240W (90ma — 20A Short Circuit Current).
    • Voltage Drop During Charging: 0.5V @ 10A, 1V @ 20A.
    • Float Voltage Adjustment Range: 13V-15V (range can be altered).
    • Float Voltage Variation during charging: +/- 0.03V
    • Equalize Mode Voltage Increase: 1.5 Volts.
    • Charge Controller Temperature Compensation: -7.5mV/Degree C.
    • Night Time Battery Current Drain: 0.8 — 1.8ma.
    • Fuse Type: 20 Amp ATO automotive fuse.
    • Board Dimensions: 3.5″ wide by 3.0″ deep by 0.95″ tall.
    • Fits into a standard 4″ X 4″ electrical utility box, can be mounted on the cover plate.
    • Board Mounts: 3X 4-40 screws on 1/4″ spacers.
    • Assembled Weight: approximately 60 grams (2oz).

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