What battery and how to put in a car on the example of a Daewoo Nexia

I always put a larger battery on a car, relying only on my personal experience. And I recommend this to everyone who lives in a cold climate. And I also recommend that you charge the battery once a quarter, without boiling it, with good current, so that it lasts longer. If you have an alarm installed, you have good music, and a lot of everything that you connect to the on-board network, heated seats, charge massagers, etc. Without proper care, a battery rarely lasts more than two years. But even if you service it, many modern batteries rarely survive for more than four years. Loss of capacity adversely affects both the battery capacity and both the consumption of the car and the engine starting.

Myths about car batteries - we destroy

Each motorist was faced with myths about connecting different batteries to the car, or someone told him allegedly from personal experience. And someone believes in some kind of tales about the battery. In this topic, I decided to respond a bit to similar stories from personal experience. Just at the time, I myself once believed in it. But having gained enormous experience, it was somehow forgotten, but after seeing that so far many who believe in this have decided to write some information from my experience.

The clouds move in four directions, the wind in five

The clouds move in four directions, the wind in five. In order to understand whether the wind generator will work or not, you should not navigate through the clouds, and their speed.
I have seen enough in my practice. And in order to know for sure whether the wind generator is suitable for you, you need observations and measurements of exactly the place and the height that you want to use.

Moreover, even if clouds or clouds sweep at a frantic speed over your heads, there may be complete calm on the ground. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from unnecessary expenses, you must be confident, and not console yourself with words later - well, this is an experience!

Increase the clarity of a surveillance camera

By acquiring a camera, and adjusting it, despite the high resolution of the matrix, the picture may not be clear, and give blurry squares. This problem is often associated with the fact that the lens is mounted on the cameras at the last moment, and they are not always mounted properly. Hence this problem, without twisting the lens or twisting it, you get an unfocused or not clear image, even with a high resolution camera.
I recommend the following procedure that I did on one of the cameras myself. At the same time, you should have at least some skills, and knowledge of what you are doing, and you must be aware of your actions so as not to break the camera, or to turn off the lens.

5 lessons that you can apply to your batteries so they last longer

I have already talked about this many times, but this time I accidentally found a similar article on a foreign website, and decided to supplement it with my knowledge by publishing it on my website. So that people who want to know this, do not scour the broadcasts, and listen to many hours of lectures, read everything in one place. In the future, this article may be supplemented by a video nearby.

Batteries live for a long time in the laboratory or in computer simulations. Too often, these ideal conditions are the source of marketing moves, such as 10-year warranties or long life spans.

But the real world is not so simple. In practical terms, new batteries may fail early. Also, extreme temperatures, deep discharge cycles, and poor maintenance can shorten the life of any battery, leaving the owners of the solar system without their capacity.

LiFePo4 32700 32650 battery cell. factory production and crash test

Production and testing of LiFePo4. Demonstration of how the packages are produced, and the cans of the LiFePo4 battery, which I didn’t have enough information from, I got just this video from them. Namely, at what stage is the electrolyte added to these batteries? These batteries are gaining popularity today due to their safety, compared to another type of similar batteries, but with different chemistry.

China's leading solar panel company in China 6 Day 2

Continuation from office in a company in China, which directly works with leading Chinese top brands of factories in China for the production of the premium segment of solar panels. In the exhibition hall of which there are all generations and years of production of solar panels since the opening of this small company. This is not a plant, this company which cooperates with factories, and is engaged in small batches of panels. Hence, the price of such companies is slightly overpriced. To find a more tasty price, you need to contact the factory itself and negotiate directly at the factory.

In general, any such action with a camera, if you are not a buyer, takes place in a more aggressive environment, so it surprises me how just people with assaults comment that such videos are complete nonsense and can be filmed much better and hire a normal translator. The strange thing is that someone did not do this before my filming. And this suggests one thing that is not so simple, starting with a meeting agreement and ending with obtaining permission to shoot a director of a store or factory. The director is the most important boss, and not the person who replaces him.

China's leading solar panel company in China 6.0 Day

China, a small-scale company selling solar panels designed to deliver from one container or less. Since the company is a dealer of well-known large factories in China, the price range here is quite large, but the price per watt of solar panels is much higher. The company has its own small exhibition hall, which presents solar panels of both past generations and modern ones. The company is also a supplier of solar panels to the Chinese premium segment with solar panel power from 250 to 330 watts. Previously, this company supplied various types of solar panels, but recently it has mainly been poly or mono crystal.

Cheap inverters for solar panels appeared on Ali

Broadcast on the topic of cheap inverters from China. Before you decide on any equipment, be sure to read about it and analyze the market for the best offer. Find out everything from picking to delivery, and payment. warranty, look for reviews about equipment and about the seller. Be carefull!

We live in a difficult but quite interesting time when the market can change at lightning speed, and sometimes market changes can be temporary, but with very attractive offers, when you can find an interesting product at an attractive price.

About the electric scooter I'm preparing to steal

About the electric scooter I'm preparing to steal

About how I bought a used electric scooter for 10 000 rubles and regretted it already after 4 of the year, after its purchase. The more malfunctions a used electric scooter has, for example, broken plastic, dead batteries, a problem with bearings, a problem with optics, a problem with wiring, a problem with locks, the more expensive it will be to restore, the more of this part of the above will not work, and you have to really think how to restore it yourself.
It is good when a good imagination has time or means and specialists. In any other cases, it is expensive, a waste of finance for restoration and a huge waste of time and the place where this equipment will stand until a full recovery.

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